Urban Arena is a podcast about creating just and sustainable cities. This month we're joined by  Meera Ghani, ECOLISE Policy Coordinator, and Tamara Steger, Associate Professor at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy at Central European University. The topic? Environmental and racial justice.

Do you want to become an Urban Arena podcast correspondent! We want your voice on the pod. If you’d like to featured then please answer the question ‘What is a sustainable and just city?’ in a maximum of 3 minutes. Record it on your phone or recording device and send it over. It’s up to you what you put in your message, but we encourage you to think about urban sustainability and justice together. Email us at urbana@ceu.edu // Find us on twitter or instagram - @arena_urban // Facebook UrbanA - Urban Arenas

Photo credit: News Oresund, CC BY 2.0 .

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