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Sep 11.

As of September 2019, CEU Podcast related activities are suspended. This includes the option of publishing within the podcast library, CEU-wide academic podcasting workshops, support for faculty who wish offer audio assignments, and the use of the podcasting field kit. The podcasting studio has not been dismantled, but remains closed until further notice. The podcast library, with its 156 podcasts created by faculty, staff and students, remains online.

Activities will resume upon the hiring of an audio education specialist.

Sep 6.

Podcasts can improve access to research and offer an innovative way to assess student learning, says CEU podcast co-founder and co-managing editor Ian M. Cook in an article published in Time Higher Education 


Sep 6.

We sat down  Anna Kinde, doctoral student of Medieval Studies at CEU, and one of the team behind the resurrection of CEU’s Medieval Radio and it's show Past Perfect. She told us all about the initiative and their plans for the future.

Q: For those who don’t know what was CEU’s Medieval Radio and what was Past Perfect?

Apr 25.

A Második világháború történetét bemutató a CEU és a MTA II. világháború története albizottság közös podcast sorozata új zsánerrel jelentkezik. Az MTA Székház Felolvasótermében, a Magyar Tudomány Napja alkalmából az MTA II. világháború története albizottság szervezésében 2018. november 16-án elhangzott előadások podacastjai elérhető a CEU Podcast Library-ban.

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