Book the Podcasting Studio

CEU's podcasting studio is located in the Center for Teaching and Learning's Media Room.

Adress: Nador utca 13, room 614
Working hours are Monday to Friday: 09.00-18.00

The studio is closed on weekends and national holidays.

Before sending a meeting request check the studio availability here.

To book the studio schedule a meeting with using the Outlook (or another) Calendar application.

This is how it works in the Outlook web email:

1. Create a new calendar event

2. Add to required people.

Please mention in the meeting request:

  • The estimated start and end time of the recording.
  • If needed, request the support of an instructor: as a rule you will be assisted by an instructor the first two times you record.
  • The type of content recorded: interview, narration, group discussion, Skype interview.
  • The number of guests (if any)

An instructor will accept the meeting or re-schedule within one working day.

Studio rules:

  • Please book the studio at least two working days in advance.
  • The first two times podcasters use the studio, they must be accompanied by a member of CEU's Podcast Team.  As such, all bookings are provisional upon their availibility.
  • No food is allowed in the studio.
  • Drinks are only allowed with caps and must be placed on the table in the corner (nowhere near the equipment).
  • Please leave all the equipment exactly as you found it.