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Sep 6.

Podcasts can improve access to research and offer an innovative way to assess student learning, says CEU podcast co-founder and co-managing editor Ian M. Cook in an article published in Time Higher Education 


Sep 6.

We sat down  Anna Kinde, doctoral student of Medieval Studies at CEU, and one of the team behind the resurrection of CEU’s Medieval Radio and it's show Past Perfect. She told us all about the initiative and their plans for the future.

Q: For those who don’t know what was CEU’s Medieval Radio and what was Past Perfect?

Apr 25.

A Második világháború történetét bemutató a CEU és a MTA II. világháború története albizottság közös podcast sorozata új zsánerrel jelentkezik. Az MTA Székház Felolvasótermében, a Magyar Tudomány Napja alkalmából az MTA II. világháború története albizottság szervezésében 2018. november 16-án elhangzott előadások podacastjai elérhető a CEU Podcast Library-ban.

Mar 12.

The studio is currently closed to new users. Experienced users have been contacted via email. If you believe you have been mistakenly left of the list of users, please write to

Dec 11.

Please note that the podcasting studio will be closed from Friday December 14th. The January opening hours will be communicated in the New Year.

Jun 6.

Austerity is a word that falls easily from politician’s lips these days. It has a sense of moral duty, that makes it sound so much nicer (and harder to oppose) than ‘cuts’. Of course, nothing is new under the sun, and austerity has been at the forefront of political discourse before.

May 24.

Your ears are invited to the launch of CEU’s Podcast Library on Wednesday May 30th from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. in Nador 15 103.

Please join us to: hear some of the best podcasts produced by the CEU community; learn about the possibilities for creating podcasts in your research, teaching or learning; speak with some of CEU’s podcast pioneers.

The event will feature: Stephen Westlake, Mate Nikola Tokic, Sara Svensson, Adriana Qubaia-ova, Andrea Pető, Parviz Khyber,  Michael Ignatieff, Dumitrița Holdis, Helga Dorner & Ian M. Cook

Feb 18.
We are happy to organize another great workshop for audiophiles based in Budapest. Manuel Mireanu from then Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre in Timișoara, will guide us through the basics of recording, playback and mixing.

The Technicalities of Sound – An Introduction to Recording, Playback and Mixing
Manuel Mireanu, Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre – Timișoara

Jan 29.

This February we're really excited to have The American University in Cairo's Kim Fox give two masterclasses for the CEU community.

Creating Audio Content in the Classroom
Tuesday, February 13, Nador 15 106

3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Session 1

Jan 29.

Podcasting can help established and emerging scholars promote their work, foster new communities of practice, and change the way research is imagined. The aim of the AudioFiles workshop is to introduce participants to the basics of podcasting: how to create and produce audio content that will potentially open new avenues of research, allow for the modification of teaching practices and increase the possibilities for open access dissemination of knowledge.