Workshop on the Technicalities of Sound by Manuel Mireanu

We are happy to organize another great workshop for audiophiles based in Budapest. Manuel Mireanu from then Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre in Timișoara, will guide us through the basics of recording, playback and mixing.

The Technicalities of Sound – An Introduction to Recording, Playback and Mixing
Manuel Mireanu, Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre – Timișoara

Date: February 22, 3.30 pm
Venue: CEU Nador 15, Room 106

This workshop will introduce the background technicalities important for working with sound equipment for the purposes of recording, playback or mixing. Participants will explore the physics of sound and basic notions of acoustics; examine the technicalities of sound recording; and understand different elements of the mixing table. Working in groups, attendees will delve into several scenarios, solving typical issues that may arise when mixing or using microphones. The workshop will use and encourage language that does not exclude based on education, gender, age or skill level.

Manuel Mireanu holds a PhD in International Relations from CEU. Once he got a good hold on it, he decided to learn something more hands on, and turned to sound engineering. Since 2015 he has worked in a theatre as a sound technician. On the side, he is involved in several projects related to performing and teaching music. This spring he will lead a series of workshops on music theory, composition and the technicalities of sound production in Cluj, Romania.