In recent years there has been an explosion of work on, with or through sound by researchers in the social sciences and humanities. Highly interdisciplinary and often undertaken in cooperation with those outside academia, from musicians to professionals, the field of sound studies is increasingly diverse, daring and exciting. Using sonic frames to think through how technology mediates relations, how cultures of perception are learnt and changed, and how the growth and diversity of mass media informs communication can help us develop fresh approaches to longstanding questions, whatever our disciplinary home.

The podcasts in this series are the best of those made by students who took the course 'Sound Studies: Listening & Creating between the Material, Medium and Metaphor'. The students explored the cultural, social, political and material dimensions of sound and listening. Aside from this podcast series, they also made field recordings and sound selfies, both of which can see heard and seen here:

Episodes of the series

Episode 1
Published on May 18, 2018
Episode 2
Published on May 31, 2018
Episode 3
Published on Jun 15, 2018
Episode 4
Published on Oct 1, 2018