Magdalena speaks with Pin Lean Lau, whose research has been focused on pre-implantation genetic interventions, particularly regulatory models for biomedical technologies of this nature, whose development move at the pace of lightning speed. Pin Lean dispels myths about ‘designer babies’ with blue eyes and blond hair; and instead, asks us to think about the kind of equitable future we want to have access to: to be able to harness the benefits of technologies such as genome editing, but also to be able to ensure that our humanity, human rights and human nature are not compromised at the expense of individual hubris and greed. She suggests using a rights-based approach that is infused with a renewed and renegotiated understanding of human rights universality, shared common values, and a symbiosis of different regulatory designs that work to complement formal laws or legislation.

Music: Nordlys by Lauge & Baba Gnohm 

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