This podcast episode is based on a talk that I gave as part of Night Modes panel, a NIGHT SCENE Virtual event by UCL Urban Laboratory (London, 2020). The episode is complemented by a video recording, which you can watch here. This talk is about the embodied precariousness experienced by migrant nightshift workers. The findings of this research result from a night ethnography that I did in 2015 in a fruit and vegetable market in Leyton, East London. This presentation, nonetheless, was (video)recorded during the full pandemic lockdown 2020. Apologies for the silence breaks due to the online recording quality. 
Special thanks to Prof Ben Campkin and Jo Marshall, both associated with UCL Urban Laboratory for organising this exciting round of presentations, as part of the NIGHT SCENES event series. To watch and listen to the other guest's talks (by DJ Ritu and Rob Shaw) on the Night Modes panel click here
More about Night spaces: migration, culture and Integration in Europe (NITE) will entail an ambitious programme of community co-designed cultural events and activities, and close engagement with policy-makers, with the aim to positively influence policy approaches on night-time economies, helping to release the potential night spaces offer in creating more inclusive cities. Authorities have historically wrestled with the issue of night-time control, and the hours after dark are often still perceived as harbouring threats to public order and potential criminality. However, current policy attention to night-time urban economies, exemplified by the creation of the office of Night Mayor in Amsterdam (2014) and Night Czar in London (2016) illustrate the increasing interest in the potentialities of the urban night. NITE will contribute with otherwise overlooked evidence on the production, experience and narration of migrant urban night spaces, in their material, symbolic and virtual dimensions. The project brings together five parallel sub-projects mapping night spaces in eight cities in the Netherlands, Ireland, UK, Germany, Denmark and Portugal. Read more ...
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