In 2017, CMDS launched the Media Influence Matrix Project to investigate the profound influence that rapid shifts in policy, sources of funding and technology companies in the public sphere are having on journalism today.

The Romanian report of the Matrix was published in 2019 and the podcast that accompanies it summarizes the findings of the three reports discussing funding, governance and media technology in the country. This four-part series takes the opportunity to bring forward the voices of experts who reflect on issues such as minority media, project journalism, labor struggles , media governance, and technology. Finally, innovation in the media is reserved a special episode that concludes the series.

The podcast is aimed to accompany, not summarize, the Romanian Media Influence Matrix Report, available online here:

Episodes of the series

Episode 1
Published on Feb 10, 2020
Episode 2
Published on Feb 13, 2020
Episode 3
Published on Feb 13, 2020
Episode 4
Published on Feb 20, 2020