Sandeep Pai and Savannah Carr-Wilson set out to compare how people are dealing with the energy transition in India, Canada and Africa. They are co-authors of the book, 'Total Transition: The Human Side of the Renewable Energy Revolution'. The authors travel on three continents meeting people who are work in the fossil fuel industry and those benefiting from clean technology like solar power. Their travel writing style brings the experience of these people into a stark reality as they learn about the daily health impact of living in the Canadian tar sands and in Indian coal fields. People literally live on top of the deposits.

Link to the book, Total Transition

"As we went to look more closely at the fire, Kundan told us that people have jumped into the burning hot crater to commit suicide. As we moved back from the fire, Savannah asked Kundan what one thing he thinks could really help Jharia. He hesitated for a minute, and looked at the ground. “One thing,” he said, “is just give the people of Jharia basic human rights. To clean air, and water. To work. And to have good working hours.” We all fell silent, thinking about his simple request for the people of Jharia. So basic, yet seemingly so unattainable."


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