No disputing the fact, the past few months have been quite tough and stressful for CEU students. I had hoped to earlier share the lots of beautiful conversations I had had with friends and colleagues from CEU over the summer but it just never quite felt like the right thing to do at such a time as this. Why talk relationship, dating or engage in prattles amidst the myriad of challenges CEU students are going through? But then, the question is, why not? If life is wholesome, then it is necessary to pierce through foggy, unfavourable times with a deep gaze into moments when life was bright, lively and a little less uninspirational.

In this rather long episode, I invite you to listen to two former CEU students, who were in a relationship at the time of this conversation, as they recount memories filled with good vibes and a bouncy ambience while playing the guessing game and trying to test just how well they know each other. Their dreamy chit-chats about their 7-8 month long relationship are sure to remind you that, even in not-so-great times, love is still what makes the world go round.

P.S: This is one of many more discussions on relationship to come.

Referenced song: Take Me On by SaltNPaper, SAya

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