In this interview Grischa Vercamer, an interim professor for European regional history at Chemnitz University of Technology, discusses his on-going research into the representation of rulership in late medieval Central Europe.  The interview focuses on the chronicles of Eberhard Windeck, a merchant and close advisor to the Holy Roman Emperor, Sigismund of Luxemburg.  Grischa considers how Windeck presents Sigismund to his readers in terms of politics and piety, and compares this presentation with other sources, including other late medieval chronicles of rulers.  Based on this comparative research Grischa offers us a deep insight into the writing of Eberhard Windeck, the roles of medieval rulership and the public persona and private piety of Sigismund of Luxemburg.

This podcast is part of a series of interviews covering central Europe in the medieval period for MECERN and CEU Medieval Studies.

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