Europe is Working

5 episodes

In the series “Europe is Working” you will hear workers sharing their everyday workplace experiences, as well as the possibilities for solidarity and collective action between workers whatever their citizenship status. These podcasts are results of interviews with local and migrant workers as well as other relevant stakeholders (such as trade unionists or academics) across various economic sectors and European countries (Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Poland).

The recordings were produced within the project “Towards Shared Interests between Migrant and Local Workers” supported by the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union. The project consortium involved Multicultural Center Prague (lead), University of Padua, “Our choice” foundation, Red House Center for Culture and Debate, Estudios y Cooperación para el Desarrollo (ESCODE), and SOLIDAR. The podcasts were created in collaboration with Center for Media, Data and Society at the Central European University. The views expressed in this publication are those of the respective authors and do not reflect the views of the European Commission.

This series would not be created without workers who decided to share their stories with us. We thus would like to thank to all of them for their courage and their time. The experience of creating podcasts has been both challenging and rewarding. We are grateful for the support from the CEU team - Dumi Holdis and Ian M. Cook – as they guided us through the process. Special thanks also go to the whole team of the project, researchers and podcasts' authors: Valentina Longo, Francesca Alice Vianello, Francesca Giglione, Angela Toffanin, Neda Deneva, Stefan Krastev, Ben Cope, Myroslava Keryk, Yuliya Moskvina, Michal Trčka, Justyna Janowska, Zdena Hofmannová, Olena Fedyuk, Elisa Gambardella, Hedvika Janečková and Marek Čaněk.