Welcome to the first episode of the CEU Press podcast series! To start us off, Frances Pinter (Executive Chair, CEU Press) and Emily Poznanski (Director, CEU Press) sit down with Andrea Talabér (Managing Editor, CEU Review of Books) to talk about the beginnings of the CEU Press, its mission, how it has developed since its foundation and about the Press’s plans for the future.

Ever wonder what goes into publishing an academic book? The CEU Press podcast series aims to delve into various aspects of the publishing process: from crafting a book proposal, getting peer review feedback on the manuscript, and the subsequent distribution, promotion and marketing of academic books. We will also talk to series editors and authors, who will share their experiences of getting published and talk about their series or books.

Interested in the CEU Press’ publications? Click here to find out more: https://ceupress.com/

We support all routes to open access, see here: https://ceupress.com/open-access-ceu-press

And for more on our home-grown initiative see, Opening the Future: https://ceup.openingthefuture.net/

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