Urban Community

24 episodes

Urban Community  – a podcast about sustainable and just cities

Cities play a crucial role in creating just and sustainable futures. Urban Community (formerly Urban Arena) is a series of critical conversations with activists, entrepreneurs, intellectuals and policy-makers in different European cities who are working to create cities that respond to the twin challenges of justice and sustainability. In its recent revival, the podcast chooses to hone in on stories of community-led initiaitves and share voices which are so deserving of a megaphone!

Previously a part of three year project, UrbanA  - urban arenas for sustainable and just cities, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, the podcast now continues under the support of the Robert Bosch Foundation through the UrbanCommunity project.  Learn more: https://sustainablejustcities.eu/urban-community-sustainable-just-cities