Through our work, we generate a wealth of data, observations, case studies and best practices related to innovation in journalism. However, we rarely had the opportunity to gather all this knowledge in one place and share it more widely than we do it now, through a variety of formats and channels, with those who need information on innovations in journalism, primarily journalists and media entrepreneurs, but also researchers, policymakers and other interested parties. To respond to this problem, the Center for Media, Data and Society (CMDS) has launched Journalism Breakthroughs, a project aimed at more methodically collecting data and information about innovation in journalism and improving the ways (formats, channels and frequency) in which it packages and disseminates this content for much broader consumption than we generate now.

The Journalism Breakthroughs Podcast Series will bring you, through conversations with journalists, media experts, and researchers the most interesting findings of our project. 

Episodes of the series

Episode 1
Published on Jun 17, 2020