Wooden Treasure

There are few countries in the world, where wood plays as important role as in Poland. Less than four decades ago, wooden houses still dominated the landscape of the eastern region Lubelskie, but today they are almost impossible to spot. Two world wars, the socialist regime, fires and local communities’ desire to dismantle any remnants of the past led to widescale removal of wooden dwellings.

Even though professionals in the field agree that protecting wooden houses is rather impracticable, some brilliant heritage advocates found a new way to help this unique heritage to survive. Meet Ms. Joanna Zętar who coordinated the project “Wooden Treasure. Preserving Heritage, Design Future.

Cover Photo: A wooden house in Tyszowce, Poland, courtesy of Teatr NN, http://teatrnn.pl/drewnianyskarb/en/wooden-architecture/ 

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