Since the Revolution of Dignity took place and the war with Russia started, many Ukrainians reconsidered their lives. Many have got involved in activism or volunteering; however, it rarely has a systematic character for the majority. My project presents stories of people, who were brave enough to change their lives in difficult times. I aim to give some inspiration for those, who passed their boiling point of anger or despair and need a guidance about how to make an activism more strategic for themselves, what group to join or how to plan and develop their own projects. It also will highlight how to make activities systematical, manageable, inspirational, etc.
My guest is Iryna Koval, a current CEU SoPP student, one of the founders of a “Free People’s Employment Center”. Together with Iryna we will discuss how the Revolution of Dignity and the following war became a platform for us both to find a new niche in the social life of the country. “At a time when some passively waited for decisions from the state, from above, we decided not to stand aside, but to take matters into their own hands”, - says Iryna.

Music used -   Iyeoka Okoawo "Revolution"

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