Tibetans are the best example of a diaspora that is very politically active but not violent, or at least outwardly violent in a different way. The situation in Tibet remains unresolved and the situation of Tibetans living in India is highly problematic, yet they have not resorted to violence in the same kind of way as other diasporas might have. Through their own engagement with their personal and spiritual beliefs, they see self-immolation as an act of the last resort. However, it seems like the world accepts this kind of violence because it does not involve physical harm to the masses. Of course, we might be saddened by it, but we do not struggle against it in the same way as, for example, we struggle with the Tamil diaspora in Sri Lanka that is engaged in evident terrorism. However, what is crucial to understand is that as long as the situation in Tibet remains unresolved, this diaspora will still remain politically active.

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