This episode is based on a talk that I gave as part of a conversation moderated by Ann Lui, principal @futurefirm. I was delighted to join @cyruspenarroyo discussing our films at this event organised @futurefirm and hosted by @exhibitcolumbus and moderated by Ann Lui, principle at Future Firm. You can also watch both films (Nightshift Spitalfields, 2020, UK and Manifest Destiny, 2021, US) throughout November 2021 at Midnight Palace, Columbus, IN and in Chicago, US.
In the next episode, Ann Lui is joined by Cyrus Peñarroyo the maker of Manifest Destiny (2021, US). Till then, enjoy the presentation. You can find more @anightworkshop on twitter and IG @thenightworkshop @futurefirm @exhibitcolumbus 
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