In Episode 3 I'm speaking with Mark Anielski, who specializes in the economics of well-being. Mark and I discuss a range of topics: including, how and why businesses should become more sustainable, the balance between maximizing shareholder value and sustainability. We discuss why money makes us nervous and how we can develop a new relationship with it. We address the idea of a living wage, and even discuss Mark's bicycle trip down the Danube.

 Mark is the author of two books on the subject of well-being and happiness, with the latest, An Economy of Wellbeing published this year. Mark draws on his international experience with countries like China, Singapore and Bhutan to give insight in developing how we can contribute towards happier and fairer communities.

 Just a note, in this episode, we don't actually hit on the topic of energy but we do get to innovation in life and business. Mark has his own podcast, and I suggest you check it out at


Mark Anielski is an economic strategist who specializes in the economics of well-being. He is schooled in economics, accounting and forestry. Mark believes that our measures of success should be focused on maximizing the well-being of people and the planet. He is the author of The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth (2007) and his forthcoming book An Economy of Well-being (2018), which provides a road map for this new economy of well- being. Mark has served as an economic advisor to China, Singapore, French Polynesia, Bhutan, The Netherlands, Austria, the US, Canada and the Netherlands on new systems for measuring progress and well-being. Mark is the president and chief well-being officer of Anielski Management Inc. an Edmonton-Canada-based economic advisory services group dedicated to building the new economy of well-being.

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