Sigismund of Luxembourg (1368-1437) was king of Hungary, king of Bohemia, and Holy Roman Emperor at the same time. However, he was popular neither in Germany nor in Hungary or Bohemia, and long-abandoned in historiography. In this interview, Chris Mielke and his guest, Attila Bárány, talk about mysterious king Sigismund and Hungarian diplomacy of his age.

The first part of the interview is about King Sigismund's personality and its perception in the historiography, the international contacts of Hungary with England, Germany, and France, and the royal visit of Sigismund to England. In the second part, doctor Bárány continues the topic of Hungarian diplomacy speaking about Anne of Foix-Candale, a Hungarian Queen with French and English roots. He also explains past and new cooperations between international scholars in royal diplomacy and their shared projects.

Past Perfect! is CEU Medieval Radio’s show on medieval and early modern history and culture, where various issues from the crusades to archeo-zoology to medieval urine sampling are discussed. The discussions are made with the aim to popularize medieval and early modern studies with the help of experts such as early musicians, historians, philologists and archeologists.

This episode was recorded in 2013.