Magdalena Smieszek speaks with Mate Tokic, Humanities Professor at CEU, joined by Azka Zia, Patricia Velicu and Julia Hasani, participants in the course on "The Other in European History and Politics".

The discussion considers the formation of European identity and thinking critically about what it means to be European, how the process of inclusion and exclusion has challenged and continues to reshape what is and is not Europe. How does this ambivalence between unity and inclusion on the one hand, and exclusion and difference on the other play into the discourse of Europe in politics and society? In what ways do migration, human rights, religion, nationalism, citizenship and numerous other issues around identity politics affect Europe's self-definition? We reflect on the historical and contemporary manifestations surrounding the idea of Europe, its development through the encounter with what's been traditionally or newly considered the Other, as well as prospects for the future of Europe. 

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