Original title: "24 - Nightwork: migrant labour and embodied precarity in the global city"
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"How often do we consider the work that goes on at night? How do we think about the ones that make night culture possible, the ones that keep things moving, so in the morning we have fresh vegetables, and deliveries are made? In this episode, Dr Julius-Cezar MacQuarie tells us about his research on migrant and precarious labour in Europe’s big cities. He tells stories from his fieldwork, of his visual methods and of the embodied hardship of night work.
Dr. Julius-Cezar MacQuarie is a nocturnal anthropologist trained at Central European University, concerned with the invisibility of migrant nightshift workers from discussions on today's capitalism. He founded the NIGHTWORKSHOP to research night work in global and smaller cities. He was a STAR-UBB Research Fellow based at the Centre for Population Studies and wants to extend a special thanks to the Institute of Advanced Studies in Science and Technology at Babeș-Bolyai University for the STAR-UBB generous support in this phase of his research."
Episode rundown:
2:50 - 10:35 - An intro to doing body anthropology and fieldwork during the night
10:35 - 24:45 - The conditions of night work and its embodied precarity
24:45 - 33:10 - The forms of engagement of visual methods
33:10 - 45:55 - Night studies, night culture, migration and safety
45:55 - 1:05:05 - The present and possible futures of night work
If you like what you heard and want to know more about the topic here are a few resources to watch and read: Film: Nightworkshop on Vimeo Article: While Others Sleep (2020). DOI doi.org/10.21428/1d6be30e.fb029d9b Blog: Voices from Backstage (2020). DOI: doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.13110635.v2 COMPAS.ac.uk
Web: Nightworkshop | A project set up to research nightwork communities in urban spaces
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