In this interview Emir Filipovic, Associate Professor of Medieval History at Sarajevo University, discusses his research into conflict, collusion, and diplomacy in 14th century Balkans.  This was a period and region of great change, with competing powers, shifting alliances, and much political and military complexity.  The Byzantium empire was in slow decline and emerging powers were competing for a slice of the Byzantine cake; there were shifting alliances; two Popes were both bidding for influence, and the phrase ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ had true meaning.  Amongst all of this, an alliance was formed between a Christian king and the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid, potentially to be confirmed by a marriage which, if it had taken place, would have placed a member of the Ottoman ruling family in a significant position in a European, Christian, royal dynasty.

This podcast is part of a series of interviews covering central Europe in the medieval period for MECERN and CEU Medieval Studies.

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