Magdalena and Pin Lean Lau discuss the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI), its benefits and dangers, with implications on contemporary societies, legal systems, the labour market, ethics and human values. As a research and teaching fellow in a Hungarian state university, Pin Lean had designed and delivered a multi-disciplinary course on the subject. In the podcast, Pin Lean and Magdalena consider that if AI is becoming more and more human-like, what does that mean for our self-understanding and for human rights? As we have now entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Pin Lean hypothesizes that critical challenges posed by AI systems must be addressed through inclusive stakeholder engagement and flexible regulatory mechanisms in various industries. She cautions for the need to carefully reflect on notions of personhood and human dignity for AI systems, balanced against the underlying representation of values and behaviors that may threaten to erode human rights.

Music: Nordlys by Lauge & Baba Gnohm


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