In this interview, Orsolya Lang, the Director of the Aquincum Museum in Budapest, Hungary, talks about her work in the town of Aquincum on the Roman Limes, and its legacy on the early medieval period.  Orsolya discusses Aquincum, which at its height had a population of around 60,000, including a legionary fortress, administrative centre and civil town, and the settlement was an important part of the global Roman world.  Aquincum initially absorbed and ‘Romanised’ settlers from outside the empire, but with the gradual decline of the empire, semi-nomadic ‘barbarian’ tribes from regions north and east of the Limes slowly replaced the settled, urban, Roman population.  These people brought new cultures and new life styles, and with them the early middle-ages emerged. 

This podcast is part of a series of interviews covering central Europe in the early and medieval period for MECERN and CEU Medieval Studies.

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