This episode is based on the talk that I gave at the 2020 European Association for Social Anthropologists. I was delighted to take part in the first virtual 2020 EASA panel on Ethnography beyond the looking glass. I presented the work that I have been doing as part of the Nightworkshop project designed to research nightwork communities in urban spaces. In this talk I focus on the use of the body in research and the use of cyberethnographic methods to capture the sensorial experiences of a researcher immersed in night ethnography. The audio-visual methods that I have used to bring this information to the mixed audiences includes short ethnographic films and this podcast series, the Nightworkpod. The three short films, Invisible Lives, Nocturnal Lives and Nightshift Spitalfields are available to watch on Vimeo and Youtube or go to Nightworkshop
This work is based on a book chapter due for OPEN ACCESS publication in May 2021. You can read the abstract here.