This podcast is a story of Irish America during an exciting time both in Irish and American history. While “The Troubles” were raging in Northern Ireland, USA was experiencing the end of the “melting pot” and the beginning of “cultural mosaic”. Irish-America was one of the groups at the forefront of this transformation and made their presence felt on "The Troubles". Hence, this podcast is an attempt to paint a clearer and more colorful picture of Irish-America and its identity, going beyond treating it simply as a financier of Provisional IRA. It is a podcast about Irish-America and its diversity facing a highly contentious and politically charged situation at “home”. It is also a  podcast about a diaspora and its homeland, and all the dynamics of that relationship. By the end of it, you will find out in what ways did Irish-America mobilize during "The Troubles", what was the determining factor in opting out for one or the other way of political action, how it compared to Irish and Northern Irish in political thinking of the time, and where it stands today.

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