Past Perfect's Past and Future

We sat down  Anna Kinde, doctoral student of Medieval Studies at CEU, and one of the team behind the resurrection of CEU’s Medieval Radio and it's show Past Perfect. She told us all about the initiative and their plans for the future.

Q: For those who don’t know what was CEU’s Medieval Radio and what was Past Perfect?

 A: CEU Medieval Radio is an online radio station that aims to popularize medieval and early modern music. It was founded by the students of the Medieval Studies Department at CEU and broadcasts pre-1700 music 24/7 and it is freely available for anyone to listen to. Past Perfect! is CEU Medieval Radio's podcast on medieval and early modern history and culture, where a host, usually Christopher Mielke asked researchers about their fields of study and any particularly interesting findings they came across. 

Q: What are some of the highlights from past episodes of Past Perfect? 

 A: Some of the highlights among these interviews include: Ottó Gecser, alumnus of the Medieval Department and professor at ELTE talking about medieval medicine, sanitation and plague research; professor Aliche Choyke talking about zooarchaeology and the things animal bones can tell us about past peoples; professor Cristian-Nicolae Gaşpar talks about his journey as a classical philologist, antique taboos and early medieval sainthood; Marianna Birnbaum of UCLA and visiting professor at CEU talks about her studies of Hungarian literature and Jewish culture in the early modern period; and finally, the outgoing head of the Medieval Department, Katalin Szende talks about medieval Hungarian cities and their communities. We aim to publish more highlights from the past episodes as time goes on.


Q: And you’re going to be making new episodes of Past Perfect. What can we expect?

A: We - the new team - wish to continue the previous trend and interview experts of medieval and early modern studies, mainly researchers but also professionals from the non-academic world like musicians and historical reenactors. We wish to keep the series accessible and enjoyable to everyone who is interested in this time period.