Using Audio Technologies in Your Teaching

If you are based at CEU and need help in course redesign to include podcasts in your teaching then please get in touch

The Sound Relations team currently works with two courses per semester, helping faculty realise podcast assignments within their courses.


There are three broad ways in which audio technology can be used in our teaching: course assignments, lectures & in-class activities. We've put some ideas below.

Course Assignments

  • replace written assignments with audio assignments: e.g. make a podcast instead of writing a final paper.  Please see the example assignment for in depth details on how to realise such an assignment.
  • group discussions: have students plan, record and edit group discussions based on course materials as a mid-term or final project.
  • ask student to record rather than write their reflections on course readings.
  • record your lectures and then ask students to edit them down to cover just the most important aspects.


  • pre-record your lectures (ideally no more than 15 or 20 minutes) for students to listen to prior to class, thus freeing up class time for a variety of learning activities.
  • record after your lectures to follow up on sticking points, or cover material there was not time to touch on in the class.
  • record short key concepts (or threshold concepts) that students need to grasp if they are to advance on to more complex topics in the course.

In Class

  • class podcast: use the class time to write and record audio material
  • post-class/end of class: interview the teacher at the end of the class about that week's topic
  • during lectures ask students to stop taking written notes and remember as much as they can, then stop the lecture and ask them to take audio notes into their smart phones or other recording device